Frequently Ask Questions


First and foremost, thank you for shopping PBJ GOODS CO.l! Below, please find a list of frequently asked questions. We do hope this will resolve any issues you may have. If, however, your issues persist, contact us at 

Can I cancel my order? 

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not honor canceled orders. We process orders through a fulfillment center, which ensures speedy and thorough processing times for customers. Since our fulfillment center automatically pulls orders and simultaneously marks those orders to be shipped, we are not able to effectuate cancellations at your request.

Can I change my address after I place an order?

PBJ GOODS & CO is not able to change any addresses after orders are confirmed because it violates the integrity of the ordering process. Address changes can potentially lead to chargebacks and order fraud. Therefore, we try to avoid these hazards at all costs.

I ordered the wrong size! Can I change it?

Orders cannot be canceled and/or altered once placed in our system because the warehouse and customer service departments are in two different time zones. Until we can combine this, it is difficult to alter or cancel orders because of the issue.

Can I apply a discount code after I place an order?

Unfortunately, once your order is placed, you will not be able to make any alternations to your order. Please enter all discount codes in the correct section of the website. Placing a code in the notes section of the purchase page is insufficient to apply the discount to your order. 

I ordered the wrong size. Can I exchange it?

Please refer to our Exchange Policy for more information.